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AAA Vacations - North and South Carolina – Travel Agent Opportunities

AAA Carolinas is always looking for well-trained, qualified travel agents to work in their AAA Vacation locations throughout North and South Carolina. AAA Carolinas uses the training center as a source to hire people interested in beginning a career as full-time travel agent. The training you receive at the AAA Travel Agent Training Center is a good foundation to get you started with a career as a travel agent. AAA Carolinas like all travel agencies look for people with strong sales skills, excellent customer service skills, detail oriented, the willingness to learn and have completed a travel school program for the basic travel industry knowledge you need to get a good start in the business. AAA Vacations starts agents in a level one position known as a Drive Vacation Specialist. In this position you will assist members with planning their U.S. drive vacation and other member products. If working in a travel agency is a goal of yours and you live in the Carolinas, then opportunities may be available for you in your location!* AAA Carolinas opportunities in North and South Carolina may be found on aaa.com/careers.

AAA can only hire within their club regions. If you live in another state other than North and South Carolina you can always go to www.aaa.com, enter your local zip code and apply online at the local AAA club. Attending AAA Travel Agent Training Center does not guarantee you a job opportunity with any AAA club. The training you receive from our training program will be beneficial in giving you a good foundation in travel agent skills; but like any school training program job placement is not guaranteed.

*Job Placement Notice

Job placement with AAA Carolinas, other AAA clubs or any travel agency is not guaranteed. Job openings the school receives will be passed on to students but does not guarantee an interview or a job offer. Once the job lead is given to the student, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the agency, arrange an interview and follow-up with the lead. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to pursue the job search. If job leads are not available in your city or location, we can provide a listing of travel agencies in your area so you can pursue the job search.